Hypnotherapie and kinesiology in english in Frankfurt am Main from a licensed Heilpraktiker

As I´m fluent in english, I´m also offering lessons in english for Hypnosis, Qigong/Tai Chi, EFT and Biofeedback in Frankfurt am Main.

1. Hypnotherapy

In Hypnotherapy we induce a trance to access the subconscious mind.

The subconscious has about 90 % influence on what we do without us knowing about it. That is why it is sometimes so hard to change a behaviour or emotional pattern and that is where the hypnosis can help.


Hypnosis is changing the subconsious mind, so that the conscious and the subconscious are aligned and because of that you can more easily reach your goal.


What you can work on with hypnosis:

  • stop smoking
  • loose weight
  • get rid of fears, anxiety and phobias
  • psychosomatic problems
  • relaxation
  • pain management
  • super-learning
  • relationship problems
  • sexual problems
  • angry states
  • burn out
  • depression
  • support during conventional cancer treatment
  • reach your goals
  • allergies
  • personal, emotional problems
  • ..and so much more.


Trance is a state which everybody already knows and experiences each and every day. That means everybody can get into the state of hypnosis.


I offer hypnosis for a variety of psychological issues. Please do not hesitate to cantact me, so we can find out if hypnosis is also suitable for your issues.


If you have any questions about hypnosis and about how I can help you, please contact me! 

2. kinesiology sessions


I´am also offering sessions for kinesiology.

My speciality is psycho-kinesiolog as my focus with all problems is the psychological background.

A copmplete explanation can you find here in english.


As with hypnosis, we interview the subconscious mind, to find out the root cause of problems you currently suffer from. In kinesiology you do not need to be in a trance state.


You are in normal day consciousness while your subconsciuos is tested via muscle testing.


An explanation video can be found here.


My medium account with a lot of articles about the psyche in english can be fund here.

Questions and Contacts

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You can also call me :01783372468

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Important: Therapies

All information for the different therapies are only for information and not to be considered as any healing promise. They have to be discussed individually with each patients in a personal talk.

Hypnosis is not replacing your doctor. If you hace medical treatment at the moment, do not leave it. Talk to your doctor if hypnosis is suitable for you.

Alle veröffentlichten Informationen und Erläuterungen zu den verschiedenen Therapieformen sind nur zur Information und in keiner Weise als Heilungsversprechen anzusehen und sind für jeden Klienten/Patienten individuell und stets mit uns direkt in einem persönlichen Gespräch abzuklären und zu besprechen.

Hypnose ersetzt nicht den Arzt. Sollten Sie sich im Moment in einer ärtzlichen Behandlung befinden, brechen Sie diese keinesfalls ohne vorherige Rückspreche mit Ihrem behandelndem Arzt ab.